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Maire MacLean, BA, IBCLC

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About Maire
Maire MacLean is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) offering evidence based lactation consultation services to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Maire offers home visits, prenatal classes, new mother support groups and office consultations.

Maire, (pronounced Maura) provides individualized, in home consultations. She provides thoughtful assessments and strategies to mothers and babies new to breastfeeding. She also helps mothers facing challenges in an established breastfeeding relationship.

Prior to accreditation as an IBCLC, Maire supported new mothers as a volunteer breastfeeding counselor for many years, providing phone help and facilitating mother to mother support groups in various communities on the North Shore.

Maire’s background in Early Childhood Education and Human Services is a good complement to the educational workshops she presents for maternal and child health professionals, volunteer breastfeeding counselors and Lactation Consultants. She is Coordinator of Continuing Education for the Nursing Mothers’ Council (NMC) of the Boston Association of Childbirth Educators (BACE), a Nursing Mothers’ Council Breastfeeding Counselor, a La Leche League Leader and a member of the North Shore Birth Professionals.

Maire is the mother of three nearly grown children and is an avid reader and gardener.